Darling Brew Apple Bomb Cider (4 x 340ml)

Darling Brew

Darling Brew Apple Bomb Cider (4 x 340ml)

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100% locally-sourced apple juice is expertly infused with hops to create this refreshing cooler. Bringing hoppy benefits for the health conscious.

Drink with tapas or a fiery thai curry

340ml bottle | Non Alcoholic


Darling Brew, Africa's first carbon-neutral brewery, brings you a delicious, refreshing non-alcoholic beverage range. ... These fizzy, flavourful drinks are unique and brewed using old-fashioned techniques, to bring you superior quality and taste.

DrinkNil tasting note

Imagine Appletizer and your favourite beer spent the night together... the result? Apple Bomb! Nose is crisp granny smith apples, on the palate there is a sweet/sour sensation backed by a beer-like bitterness.