Devils Peak Hero Citrus (6 x 330ml)
Devils Peak Hero Citrus (6 x 330ml)

Devil's Peak

Devils Peak Hero Citrus (6 x 330ml)

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The real taste of a crafted, authentic, premium beer but this time with a twist. Get ready to enjoy the delicious citrus tang.

330ml bottle | Non alcoholic

Less than 0.5% ABV

Ingredients: Water, Lactose (cow's milk) Barley and Wheat Malt (gluten) hops, Grapefruit extract, yeast.


Finally, non alcoholic beer that's beer. In 2012 Devil’s Peak saw that the time had come for a truly South African brewery that offers something truly different. Truly special. That respects age-old brewing wisdom. And embraces the changes in our evolving beer culture. Devil’s Peak are proud to have played a key role in changing the beer landscape over the last eight years.  Their non alcoholic Hero range is truly 'unbelievable'.