Fehmz Mocktails Lime Drop Nojito - SUGAR FREE (6 x 330ml)

Fehmz Mocktails

Fehmz Mocktails Lime Drop Nojito - SUGAR FREE (6 x 330ml)

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Exhilarating notes of lemon and lime enrobe this delicious palate cleanser

Fehmz ready to drink mocktails have been carefully developed for maximum enjoyment. Drink them chilled, garnish with mocktail confetti, put your feet up and enjoy.

330ml bottle | Non alcoholic 




All Fehmz products are made by hand in small batches. We first started mocktails by making them at home after we returned home from work. Over the years our business has grown. Every time you support us, you make it possible for us to continue doing what we love, pay our employees and build our business. All our products are made in South Africa from products that are sourced and produced locally. We are a proudly South African company with a strong network of suppliers from raw materials to final finishes.