Ginologist Floral Gin (1 x 750ml)


Ginologist Floral Gin (1 x 750ml)

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An aromatic bouquet accentuated by rose geranium and orange blossom so soft and playful that it comes with a license to thrill.

750ml bottle | Non alcoholic

16KJ per 100ml. Ingredients: coriander, clove, pepper seeds, cayenne pepper, grapefruit, rose geranium, hibiscus, rose


the fellows at Ginologist select the most potent botanicals available to enable them to extract the maximum flavour such as lemon grass, real juniper and utilise a minimum of alcohol for the most difficult botanicals. Ginologist distilling process ensures that there is no trace of alcohol at all, yet once mixed with tonic it’s hard to believe that this is an alcohol free gin.