Uncanny Sauvignon Blanc (12 x 250ml)
Uncanny Sauvignon Blanc (12 x 250ml)


Uncanny Sauvignon Blanc (12 x 250ml)

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Carefully selected, premium Sauvignon Blanc was sourced, de-alcoholised and treated with the care it deserves to produce a fresh and crisp de-alcoholised Sauvignon Blanc.

Ready to be served ice cold and guilt-free!

250ml can | Non Alcoholic (0.5% ABV)


UNCANNY has taken our country’s established winemaking traditions and combined it with brilliant innovation and great design to create exclusive, premium quality wines in environmentally-friendly cans. In 2020 Uncanny launched the first canned De-Alcoholised wines in South Africa. Only the best suited wines were selected based on the profile we ultimately wanted in our exciting and guilt-free wine range. The alcohol was removed from the wines before being expertly crafted to create products that taste strangely familiar…it’s Uncanny!

DrinkNil team tasting note 

Still quite young and spritzy, will benefit from another 6 months in can. But delicious none the less - typical Sauvignon notes - ripe gooseberry, green grass, aromatic and dry. Could easily be fooled into thinking it was a 'normal' alcoholic Sav Blanc!