5 Ways to start a sober journey

So we all know that drinking booze is not only expensive, it gives us a terrible hangover, the hangover makes us want to stay on the couch, and staying on the couch means missing another beautiful day outside.

Is this lifestyle no longer appealing to you? Do you want to change and join the health and wellness trend? Good for you! Getting sober is a life changing experience and with a bit of hard work anyone can do it.

There’s no right or wrong way to start getting sober, but you might think ‘how do I start’?

Here are 5 awesome tips to help you begin your sober journey;

Tip 1: Set yourself a goal. Make sure it is clear and concise and that you have a clear start date.

Tip 2: Talk about it. Join a sober community like Tribe Sober, or just tell those closest to you that you want a sober lifestyle and ask them for their support. This goes a long way, especially on bad days.

Tip 3: Avoid temptation. If you know certain people or places are triggers for you to drink then rather avoid them for a while until you feel more confident that it won’t affect you or urge you to drink.

Tip 4: Change your environment. Find sober friends to share new experiences with. Join a community like a running club or book club. Swap the Friday night bar scene for a late night yoga class. Get in touch with nature.

Tip 5: Find a new favourite non-alcoholic drink. When you do go out to places where you will be surrounded by alcohol, find a delicious alternative to booze like The Duchess non-alcoholic gin and tonic, or Graham Beck Allure sparkling white wine.

With these great tips you can begin your sober journey and start living a happier, more fulfilling life right now! Cheers to a new you!


Article and images by Drink Nil, Sept 2021