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Great at parties

I am not a beer drinker, but I can drink this! It's a great AF lifesaver at lunches and parties

Fabulous as a tot with loads of sparkling water

Love the taste of this, but have to dilute it with sparkling water. So I mix a bit with sparkling water and put the cap back on to create a number of refreshing drinks over a few days. Love the taste, refreshing and delicious!

My favourite AF drink

Love this, especially with Barker and Quin Light at Heart Tonic, a little sparking water and pomegranates

Nicest low cal tonic

Love the fact that it's not sweet!

Mixed Wine Taster Case (6 x 750ml)
Nkhumeleni Collin Lekgetha
100 taste without the guilt

Beautiful wines, refreshing and lovely without the accompanying hangover. Brilliant!

i enjoyed this wine

Refreshing bubbles

An awesome alc-free alternative for a pre-dinner drink. Bubbly, floral notes - add lots of ice and lemon or orange and it's delicious

Our favourite summer drink!

Nothing as refreshing & delicious as a tall glass of Abstinence Apéritif, soda & plenty of ice!

An acquired taste

Th flavour is super citrusy - I thought it would be sweeter. Friends of mine did not enjoy the acidic aftertaste while others raved about it.
I have gotten used to the flavour and am now loving a gin with it.

Bitterlekker Sparkles!

Sparkles is the word! From the first delicious icy sip under the trees at Babylonstoren on an unbelievably hot day at New Year, I was hooked! This is a taste blockbuster with the blood orange and grapefruit taking centre stage, followed by a honeybush echo and a curtain call of rosemary. On its own it is fabulous.....with a tot of gin, some lemon slices and lots of ice it's a revelation! (I have yet to try it with soda)
Raved about it to a very good friend in the UK who promptly ordered some for herself online over there and sent me two 6-packs for my birthday. Best present!!


This cider is wonderfully complex and refreshing. First taste it comes over as extremely bitter but as one grows into drinking it, it is beautifully layered in taste and is best chilled and enjoyed slowly. My best NA cider by far.

Best De-alcoholised Rosé Wine

The Darling Cellars De-alcoholised Rosé, to me, tastes better than a rosé with alcohol. The taste is not so sharp and one can actually "taste" the fruity wine. It is definitely not sweet. It is very refreshing and is my go-to wine for summer!

Best De-alcoholised Red Wine

I have tried multiple de-alcoholised red wines over the past few years, and Darling Cellars Shiraz is best in taste for me. It has a deep ruby-purple colour and bursts with flavour.

Robertson Mix case

Beautiful combination for any celebration and something different for everyone.


Yeasty aroma, full but subtle taste, dry and lingering aftertaste. Hard to believe this is no-alcohol. Thoroughly recommended!

Seedlip Garden 108 Distilled Spirit (1 x 700ml)
Definitely garden

Love the fresh garden notes!

Devils Peak

Since I gave up alcohol 7 years ago I have tried many alcohol free drinks - Devils Peak is my absolute favourite which is why I get a monthly delivery - I also recommend it to our community at Tribe Sober and many of them enjoy it Janet Gourand

Best beer

Again, new to the market. Previously a wine drinker. If I had to go beer was a castle lite.
Tried a few others, this is the best for me. Very similar in taste to the alcoholic option.
Will be bringing this to the braais!


I am new to the market - started experimenting with a variety of drinks.
Ex sauvignon blanc drinker and taste important.
This was a pleasant surprise after some very disappointing experiences.
Have ordered some of the wines to try but for now this is my top tipple. I like dry, not sweet. This hit the spot.


Musgrave Inspirit is a really delicious drink, lovely for occasions and packaged beautifully - a clear winner for home consumption and gifts.

Mixed Wine Taster

I bought the wine as a gift for my husband as he does not drink any alcohol. He usually drinks Castle Free but this is a very nice alternative for him to enjoy when I have a glass of wine (with alcohol). His favorite was the Bonnievale Neat Sauvignon Blanc but he enjoyed the Darling Cellars Rosé and Norahs Valley Velvet Red too. Of course I took a sip of each too and I was impressed. This will be a very god option for summer afternoons in/next to the pool as sun and alcohol does not mix well!

Spier Chenin Blanc (750ml)
Danette Mc Donald
Spier Chenin Blanc De-Alcoholised

I absolutely love this de-alcoholized wine. It is light and fresh. Sweetness is about a 3/10, so might be a bit too sour/bitter for someone looking for something sweet. Will definitely enjoy this again.

Great service. Bought as a gift and he loved it 🤗

Awesome service, great products were bought as a gift 🎁

Excellent wine

Of all the de-alcoholised wines I have tried this is far and away the best. Really love it.

Abistence Aperitif - Complexly non-alcoholic

The Abstinence Aperitif, paired with half tonic water, half soda, fresh muddled grapefruit and a sprig of fresh Thyme is a wonderfully complex drink that can proudly take its place alongside other alcoholic drinks.