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A Grown Up Drink!

I feel so fancy when I pour this into a beautiful glass with ice and a pretty orange or mint garnish. I've tried it with bitter lemon, tonic, lemonade and soda - all excellent mixers, but bitter lemon is the winner (I love the bitter!). A perfect grown up drink for when everyone else is having something fancy with alcohol in it and you don't want to feel left out!

Good for something different

This was good, but not exactly what I expected - a bit on the sweet side. I had it half and half with soda and then it was great.

This is the winner!

Definitely the winner in the range of drinks I bought. Perfect bitterness to sweet ratio, amazing drunk straight from the bottle (what a cute bottle, really!) or poured over ice and lime.

Very strange wither like it or don't..

Norah’s premium

I did not miss alcohol at all it was so refreshing.

Beautiful citrus flavors

Delicious and refreshing


I love this bitter orange- its so delicious! I sometimes add a dash of soda and lots of ice for a slightly drier option. It’s got tons of orange flavour and a bitter end.

Excellent non alcoholic Rose

Having tried almost every non alcoholic wine available this is a firm favorite. It has a lovely fruity taste and is best served ice cold.

delicious and more-ish

I've tried a few non-alc reds and this is really good - fruity and round but with a nice dry finish. Honestly 'tastes like wine'!

Very nice

Great packaging and overall a fab alc-free alternative to a G&T. A little on the sweet side for me, though that's probably just personal

Delicious and not too 'buchu-ey'!

I sometimes find buchu a little overwhelming but it works beautifully in this G&T style drink. A really refreshing, complex taste - dry, not sweet. A great G&T alternative!

Excellent - don't be put off by the varietal!

I'm not normally a Pinotage fan but this de-alc version from Uncanny may be the best de-alc red I've tried (and I'm a winemaker!). Very well made, good balance - fruity with a good dry finish