Drink Nil Partners with Tribe Sober for a #DryJanuary Fundraiser

It is that time of the year again when we partner with our friends at Tribe Sober and Earthchild Project to encourage everyone to try a #DryJanuary for a good cause! 

Since 2015 Tribe Sober has raised more than R300,000 each year in their #DryJanuary challengers enabling over 1000 children to learn yoga.

Together we can help to create a new generation of connected, conscious and inspired Earthchildren.

The fundraiser is open from now until the end of January 2023. All you need to do is to decide which 30 days you would like to go alcohol free. Make a donation and Tribe Sober will be in touch to get your start date so that we can provide you with online and community support for the month. Furthermore, Drink Nil will offer challengers 10% off all purchases to get you started!

You can start right now or on any other date up to January 31st – so you can even do a Dry February!

The target is to sponsor 200 children for 2023. You can donate and start your challenge by clicking HERE.

For more information, visit the Tribe Sober fundraiser website.