How to Cut Back and Gain More by Drinking Less

Article by Drink Nil - Aug 2021


Do you often wake up with that dreaded hangover, headache and the feeling of “Oh no, what did I say or do last night?” Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Perhaps now you are feeling that it’s time to make a change and start reaping the incredible health benefits of cutting back on the booze.

This is a scary thought and now you might be thinking, “This is going to be really difficult”. But it’s actually way more achievable than you think. Remember, you are not quitting, you are just becoming aware that having one glass, instead of five, is enough.

How to Cut Back

Step 1: Set yourself a limit. It’s important to set limits so that the next time you go for drinks you know that you will only have 1 or 2. It’s also important to limit the days during a week that you drink. Set a realistic goal of one or two days per week.

Step 2: Communicate your goals to your friends and family. They can support you and help you stay conscious of how many drinks you have.

Step 3: Try new things. If you are at an event or party on a no-drinking day then swap the booze for a tasty non-alcoholic option like Devil’s Peak Zero beer or Abstinence non-alcoholic gin and a tonic. You’ll get all the taste without the hangover. There are so many options available at Drink Nil, you will never be bored again!

Step 4: Get a new hobby. Hobbies keep you busy and will refocus your energy into healthier habits, especially if they involve physical activity.

Step 5: Remain focused. The benefits of cutting back aren’t attained overnight. Put in the effort and in a short time you will feel all the mental and physical health rewards.

What you will gain

It’s no secret that alcohol isn’t exactly good for you.

Cutting back on your consumption not only frees you up to lead a more active and creative life, it also has incredible health benefits. When you drink less you will sleep better and will lose weight. You’ll have more energy and decrease your chances of mental health issues, cancers, blood pressure issues, liver disease and heart problems. You may even begin to feel more romantic with your partner!

If you have made the decision to cut back then with these few tips and tricks you’ll be on a path to a happier, healthier you in no time!

Cheers to feeling fantastic!