Michael Olivier drinks nil.


By Michael Olivier https://michaelolivier.co.za

In these times of a ban on alcohol sales and for people looking for flavour rather than alcohol for religious or dietary reasons there is much on offer. Whatever I drink, I have been spoiled by Riedel glassware, and particularly the grape or drink specific glasses.

A range of Non Alc drinks from Drink Nil

South Africa has made a major swing to non alcoholic drinks. Drink Nil is a company started by Caroline van Schalkwyk and Fiona Hilton last year to meet the needs of people wanted drinks with no alcohol, and also filling the gap for whenever we have these awful and unnecessary bans on alcohol sales.

Here is a variety which came to me from a Drink Nil Tasting Box. All in the illustration above.

The Riedel Big O Optic Gin Glass

Origiin Wood Fired Hydro Distilled Non-Alcoholic Gin
Origiin Wood Fired Hydro Distilled Non-Alcoholic Gin is a wood fired hydro distilled non-alcoholic juniper botanical spirit with all the flavours of ‘giin’. Looking for a delicious yet bespoke alternative to alcoholic drinks that possess all the character, flavour, and aroma you crave. In that case Origiin is a 100% Wood Fired Hydro Distilled Juniper Botanical Spirit, or Non-Alcoholic Gin made in the countryside of the Overberg Region in South Africa.

Harry is a non alcoholic bitter orange spritz. Harry is lovingly made in Cape Town, with a classic bitter orange taste. Harry is low in sugar and no alcohol. I loved it, reminiscent of those lovely Italian bitter drinks. Would have liked a touch more fizz.

Lamb & Watt Tonic
In your Drink Nil Tasting Box you will receive a bottle of Lamb & Watt Cucumber Tonic. So utterly delicious and made with organic blue agave, natural ingredients and spring water sourced in the English Lake District. One of the gems of North Western England.

The Duchess Berry Rose Spritz

Crisp and bursting in two delectable flavours: Elderflower White and Berry Rose. We’re convinced you’ll fall in love with more than just her sparkling personality. Made with premium de-alcoholised wine and berry extracts, our Berry Rose Spritz has a refreshing acidity that is beautifully balanced by the sweetness of the acai berry.

Uncanny Wines, the Non Alcs on either side

I have written about these wines before. I am a great fan of canned wine. Very convenient, easy to chill in the thin aluminium can, portable and a good portion size. The de-alcoholised Pinotage and Sauvignon Blanc both have only .05% ABV. And are true to variety.

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