The Daily Maverick interviews founders of Drink Nil

It has been decreed that we may not buy alcohol anywhere – not in a bar, a restaurant, bottle store, tavern, shebeen or a tasting room – until at least 15 February 2021. It’s not a popular decision on the part of the government, and it’s devastating the restaurant and wine industries. 

Privately, the black market is thriving and not in a particularly undercover way; WhatsApp groups and websites are openly trading with massively inflated prices (obviously). Restaurants have their liquor licences on the line, so sticking to the rules is their only option. 

As consumers, we have some choices: stay at home with our own wine and order in; eat out at an early bird hour without alcohol; or find places that are doing creative and thoughtful pairings. 

Let’s address the subject of the actual ABV, or alcohol by volume, percentage. From the Drink Nil website, we learn that drinks labelled “alcohol-free” or “non-alcoholic” can still contain traces of alcohol, even the tiniest amount. “As it stands there is currently no process that completely extracts all the alcohol from an alcoholic drink,” it says.

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