5 Impressive Health Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Beer

Sipping on that crisp, ice-cold beer after a long, hard day is one of the most gratifying feelings. What’s incredible now is that you can have that same satisfaction without the limits or negative effects of alcohol. Non-alcoholic beer is impressive, not just in taste but in health benefits too!

Besides reaping the obvious rewards like remaining sober and having something tasty in hand at get togethers, here are some incredible health benefits of non-alcoholic beer you might not have considered before. 

  1. It’s full of Vitamins

That’s right! Non-alcoholic beer is packed full of amazing vitamins and minerals like folic acid, iron, zinc and potassium. 

While other non-alcoholic drinks might help you stay sober, non-alcoholic beer goes beyond that by providing you with some of your necessary daily nutrients. This is not to say that it can replace those all-important vitamins and minerals you get from food and supplements, but it helps knowing that every sip of non-alcoholic beer is far more healthy than harmful. 

2. It helps boost immunity and reduce health risks

Non-alcoholic beer has been shown to boost your immune system and aids in preventing you from getting those pesky common colds. Studies have also revealed that non-alcoholic beer increases your blood circulation therefore decreasing your risk of heart disease. For those of you that love exercise it gets even more exciting. Non-alcoholic beer can even help your muscles recover quicker after your run or gym session because it contains loads of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. 

3. It promotes bone growth

Non-alcoholic beer stimulates bone growth and therefore strengthening of the bones. There is a high content of silicone based in the ingredients used to create beer and this silicone is plentiful in the finished product.

4. It helps you sleep better

For all the sleep lovers, you’ll be excited to know that non-alcoholic beer actually helps you to sleep better and more restfully at night. A study has showed that hops used to create beer has a natural sedative effect. That means that you get the sedative feeling without the counteractive stimulant of alcohol. 

5. It increases dopamine and makes you happy!

Alcohol is known to release dopamine in your brain which makes you feel happy! The only thing is that you have to suffer the consequences of that alcohol the next day. Well, that’s not the case anymore because during a study conducted in 2013 it was found that non-alcoholic beer encouraged the same amount of dopamine release in the brain as alcoholic beer. Ultimately, you get the happy feelings without any of the unhappy consequences. 

With good feelings and great health benefits, it’s great to know that now you can have your beer and drink it too! 

Cheers to an ice-cold, non-alcoholic brewskie anywhere and anytime!