There's something about Norah... Introducing new Norah's Valley Wines in a CAN

Wine in cans may once have been a strange thought, but with customers searching for ways to enjoy wines in a more convenient, more environmentally friendly way they are now here to stay. Introducing Norah’s Valley, the first producer in South Africa to provide de-alcoholised wine in a can. 

Norah’s Valley provides a unique solution for those who are looking for an alternative form of alcoholic beverages. Their range of alcohol-free wines is made with all-natural ingredients and carefully crafted taste profiles. They offer great flavour, as well as provide drinkers with all the health benefits associated with wine without any of the risks associated with consuming alcohol. It is presented in a convenient, easy-to-carry can (and 750ml bottles), but it also tastes great – just like regular wine! This beverage has the potential to revolutionize the way people think about drinking alcohol-free wine.

Norah’s Valley has the perfect alcohol-free wine for any occasion, whether you’re having a romantic evening or just looking for a healthy and refreshing alternative. The Norah’s Valley selection of de-alcoholised wine comes in 4 styles: Satin Sparkling, Cashmere Rose, Silk White and Velvet Red. Crafted with the best quality grapes, these wines are low in sugar, have less than 0.05% alcohol, and have a crisp flavour. Perfect for those who prefer alcohol-free drinks plus the creative packaging in cans makes it easy to carry and enjoy anywhere.

With Norah’s Valley, you can have the perfect evening without worry, guilt or a nasty hangover the next day and you get to enjoy a healthy and tasty alternative to regular wine. So what are you waiting for? Get your Norah’s Valley selection today and make your night just a little bit lighter!