Get Creative With Great Garnishes For Your Non-alcoholic Drinks

 Adding great garnishes to your mocktails is the smartest and simplest way to create a feast for the eyes and taste buds. Garnishes add or balance flavour, look beautiful and potentially offer a tasty little treat once the drink is finished. 

Using garnishes is not only fun but will be met with many ‘yummy’ comments from your guests at your next party. Below are some tips and tricks for you to glam up your garnishes at your next event.

Healthy Herbs 

When making your next non-alcoholic gin and tonic, try adding some mint or sprigs of thyme or rosemary to enhance the flavor. Smack the herbs on the palm of your hand to release the aroma and flavor before dropping it in the drink. Use the sprigs of thyme or rosemary to poke through some small cranberries for a cool visual effect.

Fruits and Veg

Lemon is always a winner when it comes to most mocktails, non-alcoholic gins and even some non-alcoholic beers and ciders. Cut a lemon wheel, and make one cut from the centre to the peel. Twist the lemon in opposite directions to create a lemon twist. Add it onto the edge of the glass or simply drop right in! 

Berries are another great garnish. Freeze some strawberries or blueberries in ice cubes and drop it into your non-alcoholic G&T or even your glass of non-alcoholic white wine. This adds a visual delight but also a tasty one at the end of the drink too.

Cucumber and pineapple are fresh and easy to use for getting creative and decorative. Use your potato peeler to peel thin cucumber slices and bend or fold them to create interesting shapes. Use a toothpick to hold the folds in place. Take a pineapple wheel and cut small triangles to place on the edge of the glass for some style and flare. 

Sugar and Spice

If herbs and fruits aren’t really your thing then try using sugars and spices. Add a cinnamon stick, vanilla bean pod or even some star anise for a more spicy taste and interesting look in your non-alcoholic spirits. 

For those more bitter drinks take the glass, wet the rim with some water and dip the rim of the glass into some sugar. This creates a frosty look on the glass and sweetens things up. For your sweeter drinks try using salt instead.

Making cool and quirky garnishes for your drinks not only spices up the look but the flavor too! Use some of these suggestions above, get creative and impress your guests.


Cheers to delicious drinks and grand garnishes!