Abstinence Aperitif (1 x 750ml)
Abstinence Aperitif (1 x 750ml)
Abstinence Aperitif (1 x 750ml)


Abstinence Aperitif (1 x 750ml)

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Apéritif is the French derivative from the Latin verb ‘aperire’, which means "to open". Abstinence Premium Non-Alcholic Aperitif is the perfect, guilt-free appetiser to kickstart any meal or social occasion. Any great occasion or social gathering necessitates a premium, mouth-watering Aperitif. Abstinence Non-Alcoholic Aperitif provides all the richness and complexity of flavour, without the alcohol.

An infusion of natural botanicals, Cinchona Bark and most significantly African Wormwood, the latter providing a unique South African spin. A mouth-watering apetizer for a guilt free Spritz or low ABV cocktail

750ml bottle | Non alcoholic

Serving suggestions:

Abstinence Spritz:  50ml Abstinence Aperitif topped with soda and/or tonic water and a slice of orange.

Abstinence Negroni:  50ml Abstinence Cape Spice or Cape Citrus & 50ml Abstinence Aperitif. Combine all in a tumbler over ice and stir well and garnish with an orange twist.

Per 50ml serving suggestion: 80kj, 4.4g sugar

Ingredients: water, inverted cane sugar, distilled botanicals, natural flavouring, quinine, citric acid, carmoisine E122, pres: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate


Abstinence: Restore Balance.  Inspired by the biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom, Abstinence is a range of sophisticated, layered, complex non-alcoholic spirits, made using an artisanal single batch distillation process.

The Distilling Process:
A non-alcoholic spirit? Yes. The first big myth is that distillation produces alcohol. It does not: Fermentation produces alcohol. Distillation is simply a method of extraction—a process by which you can capture flavour. Our distiller is the multi-talented and serially creative James. International electronic DJ-turned full time distiller, James has always had a fascination with the alchemy inherent in the creation of finely crafted, quality products.

Tasting Note

Classic Italian-style bitter with a dominant blood orange citrus note,
supported by an infusion of natural botanicals. A mouth-watering, bittersweet mouthfeel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chris L.
Our favourite summer drink!

Nothing as refreshing & delicious as a tall glass of Abstinence Apéritif, soda & plenty of ice!

Campari's Twin Sister

For years I loved Campari and soda before lunch. I have not had a Campari for about a year.
Aperitif by Abstinence hits the spot completely for me. I had not finished the first bottle when I ordered 3 more. Aperitif & Soda & Ice & a slice of orange - that is all you need for the finest prelunch drink
For me this is pure magic. All the flavour without a trace of the alcohol.

Prof FPR de Villiers
Excellent Italian style amaro

My wife loves this. I also think it excellent , if a little too citrussy for my taste.

Carlen Wahl
Absolutely best AF bitter

This is such a great, refreshing, drink. It is my absolute go-to drink. I drink it with a dash of organic grapefruit juice, soda and lots of ice!

A Grown Up Drink!

I feel so fancy when I pour this into a beautiful glass with ice and a pretty orange or mint garnish. I've tried it with bitter lemon, tonic, lemonade and soda - all excellent mixers, but bitter lemon is the winner (I love the bitter!). A perfect grown up drink for when everyone else is having something fancy with alcohol in it and you don't want to feel left out!