Abstinence Cape Fynbos Gin (1 x 750ml)
Abstinence Cape Fynbos Gin (1 x 750ml)
Abstinence Cape Fynbos Gin (1 x 750ml)


Abstinence Cape Fynbos Gin (1 x 750ml)

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Inspired by the astounding biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom, the Abstinence Cape Fynbos is the most “gin-like” of our range and draws
its inspiration from the hero ingredient - the indigenous Cape Rose Geranium. A beautifully floral creation that with the addition of Juniper berries, Angelica root and Coriander give it that trademark resemblance to Gin with slightly bitter, slightly herbal, and faintly nettle-like notes. A small taste of the fynbos laden Table Mountain in full bloom during spring! The indigenous Cape Rose Geranium has a heavenly fragrant smell and is widely loved for its distinctive rose-like aroma.

750ml bottle | Non alcoholic

Serving suggestion:  50ml Abstinence Cape Fynbos, premium tonic water, lemon peel and fresh berries

Ingredients: water, distilled botanicals, citric acid, pres: potassium sorbate.

Per 100ml: 45 kj, 0g sugar


Abstinence: Restore Balance.  Inspired by the biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom, Abstinence is a range of sophisticated, layered, complex non-alcoholic spirits, made using an artisanal single batch distillation process.

The Distilling Process:
A non-alcoholic spirit? Yes. The first big myth is that distillation produces alcohol. It does not: Fermentation produces alcohol. Distillation is simply a method of extraction—a process by which you can capture flavour. Our distiller is the multi-talented and serially creative James. International electronic DJ-turned full time distiller, James has always had a fascination with the alchemy inherent in the creation of finely crafted, quality products.

Tasting Note

A medley of lifted aromatics that is led by a fragrant rose and dominant juniper forward nose, balanced beautifully by delicate herbal and citrus notes on the palate. You would be hard pressed to distinguish it from a 'real' G&T!