Origiin Fijnbos Gin (1 x 750ml)


Origiin Fijnbos Gin (1 x 750ml)

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Grapefruit, Buchu & Cucumber botanicals are infused with 100% Wood Fired Hydro distilled Juniper H2O spirit. Citrus Zest, with undertones of spicy blue berry and peppermint, which is common to the native Buchu plant, is the immediate impression on the nose. The Buchu / Citrus combination creates an intriguing pearl white complexation. Strong Juniper-Gin like aromas transforms from the nose to the pallet. The strategic chilli burn and lingering pallet creates a moreish crisp, yet complex finish.

Add 150ml premium tonic, a curl of lemon zest and a few blue berries

750ml Bottle | Non alcoholic

100% distilled Juniper H2O Spirit (no dilution)


The certified organic farm, De Poort, is situated against the slopes of the Sonderemd mountains, just outside the small Overberg town, Riviersonderend. The farm boasts a massive 20 meter waterfall, which is one of the mayor origiins of the Sonderend river, the mayor feeding arm of the Breederiver in South Africa.

De Poort is a totally natural and unspoiled botanical farm with earth filtered mountain river water and an unique wood fired distillery, which was the inspiration to Origiin’s Non-Alcoholic Juniper H2O Spirit.
• Origiin is a 100% distilled product, which uses +x3 more Juniper berries than a normal gin. This is our foundation for our distilled Juniper H2O Spirit.
• Origiin is slow-distilled over 2 days per 1000L batch by using our unique Wood Fired Hydro Still, established on the foothills of the Sonderend Mountain range, on the Organic certified farm, De Poort.
• Origiin uses the earth filtered, mountain river water that flows 365days / year through the farm and is the source and Origiin of our brand and distilled Juniper H2O spirit.