Abstinence Epilogue X Malt spirit (1 x 750ml)
Abstinence Epilogue X Malt spirit (1 x 750ml)


Abstinence Epilogue X Malt spirit (1 x 750ml)

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A blend of three different malts, oak-smoked malt, crystal malt and dark toasted malt that is meticulously married with a combination of botanicals and South
Africa Honey Bush. Dark Amber in colour, resembling a sipping spirit.

Just as our cherished Cape Fynbos cannot exist without fire, so any social
occasion is not complete without the intensity of the Abstinence Epilogue X.

Demonstrative of the strength, smoke and burn of the sometimes ravaging Western Cape fires that tear through the vegetation, but in turn provides the lifeblood of the survival of the Kingdom.

The grand finale to any great occasion or social gathering that is good enough to drink on its own, on the rocks or with a mixer.

750ml bottle | Non alcoholic

Serving suggestions:

50ml Abstinence Epilogue X poured over ice in a tumbler. Can be enjoyed with Soda Water or any alternative mixer.


Abstinence: Restore Balance.  Inspired by the biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom, Abstinence is a range of sophisticated, layered, complex non-alcoholic spirits, made using an artisanal single batch distillation process.

The Distilling Process:
A non-alcoholic spirit? Yes. The first big myth is that distillation produces alcohol. It does not: Fermentation produces alcohol. Distillation is simply a method of extraction—a process by which you can capture flavour. Our distiller is the multi-talented and serially creative James. International electronic DJ-turned full time distiller, James has always had a fascination with the alchemy inherent in the creation of finely crafted, quality products.

Tasting Note

A mouth coating, faintly smoky and faintly honied distilled spirit with lingering warm spice mouthfeel. Sweet notes of caramel, toasted wood and coffee on the palate
with a slight burn in the aftertaste.

Customer Reviews

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David joshua

I’m on my 3rd bottle of this. It’s superb added to soda water with lime or kombucha. A little like a rum but without the alcohol. Since I’ve given up this has brought the joy back into drinking for me - I have a lovely drink I really enjoy consuming, and don’t feel fomo when others drink.

Highly recommend.

Not great

I had high hopes for this but the taste is just really unpalatable.