Lautus Sparkling White (1 x 750ml)


Lautus Sparkling White (1 x 750ml)

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Great care was taken whilst removing the alcohol from the elegant Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc. Showcasing pure aromas of white peaches, citrus blossom and fresh apple. The added sparkle delivers fine lively bubbles, contributing to the elegant finish. To be enjoyed in its purist and natural form, without the restrictions of alcohol.

750ml bottle | Non Alcoholic

71KJ per 100ml. Ingredients: de-Alcoholised wine, Invert Sugar, Glycerol, preservative(Sulphur)


Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc sourced from various vineyards from the Western cape. Harvested at 20-25 balling. Careful winemaking practices were followed to retain the aromatics. Crushed lightly pressed and settled overnight. Fermentation was done with a selected yeast strain at 14-16°C. Left on the lease for 3 months prior to racking to the second phase of production. *Due to the need to not have any alcohol the wine is carbonated during bottling.

Alcohol removal

Great care is taken at this stage to work as gently as possible to retain all the beautiful flavours from fermentation. The alcohol is removed via spinning come technology at low temperature under vacuum. The initial phase is to first remove flavour, set aside, then the alcohol is removed and once done we can take the flavour back to the de-alcoholised wine. There is a significant volume loss during this process, a portion of the alcohol water is then again put through the process to extract the water and added back. This helps to fill out the palate and balance acidity. Normal winemaking practices are followed from here in preparation for bottling.


A non-alcoholic wine brand that portrays the beautiful complexity, elegance and finesse of premium wines.

DrinkNil Tasting Note

A dry sparkle with fruity notes of guava and melon. Lively bubbles and subtle notes of citrus.  Drink with Oysters or Sushi