Mahala Botanical Spirit (1x 750ml)
Mahala Botanical Spirit (1x 750ml)

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Mahala Botanical Spirit (1x 750ml)

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MAHALA meaning Free in Zulu, MAHALA is just that: Free from sugar and alcohol.

MAHALA botanical is a gently spiced non-alcoholic spirit made from
9 natural botanicals: Clove, honey bush, Orange, Angelia root, Buchu, Cardimen, Cassia bark, Peppercorn and Pelargonium Citronella. The botanicals are
extracted by maceration and infusion. The entirety of the product is distilled through a unique vacuum still. At no point are there any flavour or sugar added to this product.

750ml | Alcohol free

Serving Suggestions
CLASSIC G&T: 50 ML Mahala, Tonic water, garnish with orange peel , fig and fresh rosemary.

PALOMA: 50ML Mahala, 50ML fresh grape-fruit juice, 20ml simple syrup, top up with soda water and garnish with fresh lime.

AWARDS: Mahala Botanical won the TROPHY for BEST LOW and NO at the prestigious 2020 MICHELANGELO international wine and spirit awards.

Drink Nil Tasting Note

Maybe its the packaging but you feel a bit like you're sitting on a Caribbean island when sipping this drink.  Fresh and fragrantly spicy with loads of interesting 'Christmassy' flavours bouncing through. Great simply served ice cold with some ice and some orange peel, or add your favourite premium tonic for a fabulous G&T with a difference. 

Customer Reviews

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Del Paez

So refreshing and tasty! My option for non alcohol option!

Amazing healthy adult drink!

Beautiful nose on product with cloves and citrus - delicious with Tonic and slice of Orange or Ginger Beer and slice of lime as a ‘Mule’