Marty's Spiced Tomato Juice (4 or 24-pack)
Marty's Spiced Tomato Juice (4 or 24-pack)
Marty's Spiced Tomato Juice (4 or 24-pack)
Marty's Spiced Tomato Juice (4 or 24-pack)
Marty's Spiced Tomato Juice (4 or 24-pack)
Marty's Spiced Tomato Juice (4 or 24-pack)


Marty's Spiced Tomato Juice (4 or 24-pack)

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Marty’s Spiced Tomato Juice is the ultimate tomato cocktail. Bottled in glass, it’s both delicious and beautiful on the eye. We add our own spicy Worcestershire Sauce so that each bottle of Marty’s is perfectly seasoned every time.

Tomato juice can be light, bursting with umami-rich flavour, and incredibly refreshing, that is why we made Marty's. It doesn't have to feel like you're slogging through a bottle of thick, cold soup. Achieving the perfect balance is quite the endeavour, but we've cracked the code. The result is undeniably delicious, even the experts agree! We've recently achieved the remarkable feat of winning Double Gold at the Aurora International Taste Challenge in SA and securing top honours at this year's Great Taste Awards in Britain.

Our recipe only contains whole spices, ingredients you’d expect to see in the world’s greatest spice stores.
What you won’t find in Marty’s are any artificial food additives, genetically modified ingredients, preservatives or cane sugar. Marty’s gets is shelf life from heat not preservatives. We use imperfect, local tomatoes ripened in the African sun. We add apple cider vinegar because we love it’s natural fruity flavour. We don’t compromise of quality and use cheaper malt vinegar (contains gluten and sulphites) or spirit vinegar (contains sulphur).

Every single aspect of Marty’s Spiced Tomato Juice has been considered from our secret recipe to who we have chosen to work with and how the tomato juice lives in our glass bottles. We only use real ingredients and sustainable packaging and work with partners who share our ethos. For primary packaging we fill glass bottles (infinitely recyclable) and load into cardboard 4 packs, then into cardboard boxes and not into trays with plastic shrink wrap.

275ml bottle | Non alcoholic

Ingredients:  Tomato juice, apple cider vinegar, apple juice concentrate, salt and spices (containing mustard)

Per single serving (100ml): Energy 60kJ, Fat 0.1g, Saturates 0g, Carbohydrates 2g, Of which sugars 2g, Dietary fibre 0.6g, Protein 0.8g, Sodium 0.2g, Salt 0.6g


Meet Marty's range of Spiced Tomato Juices. Currently, living in the shadow of a few super lame (probably lank gloopy) tomato juices you've encountered before.

Running an ethical deli and butchery offering local artisanal goods for 10 years, Martin (the man behind Marty’s) was inspired to develop a product for his vegan customers that included all the delicious umami flavours of meat but didn’t sacrifice on healthy benefits by using only real, plant based ingredients. Having had a slight obsession with a perfectly spiced tomato juice his whole adolescent life, Martin started by pressing
locally sourced tomatoes in his garage with an old wine press. Today, Marty’s has revolutionised the tomato juice category in South Africa, there is nothing quite like Marty’s Spiced Tomato Juice on the market.

How to enjoy Marty’s Spiced Tomato Juice
Marty’s Spiced Tomato Juice is perfectly spiced and delicious drunk chilled, naked or with ice any time of the day or night.
- For breakfast and brunches it pairs well with a celery stalk, lemon wedge and crushed ice
- As a mocktail, it can be drunk cold (or straight out of the bottle at room temperature) if you cannot wait for you daily dose of lycopene (which is a powerful antioxidant)


Customer Reviews

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Perfect taste

Can highly recommend very tasty

Joey Coetzer
Very good

Baie lekker tamatiesap.

Spiced tomato juice

DELISH - loved this juice, highly recommended!

Yolanda Van rooyen