5 delicious non-alcoholic Mocktail recipes.

Mix it up and have some fun with these 5 simple, mouth-watering, non-alcholic mocktails!

Whether at home or hosting a party, these recipes are sure to delight you and your guests’ taste buds this season.  There’s something for everyone, for every day and for every occasion.

1. The Sunny Day Mocktail

This delicious ginger beer inspired mocktail is perfect for those sweltering summer days by the pool. Serving this at any summer party or enjoyed at home with the family, it’s sure to go down a treat!

2. Abstinence Aperitif Bitter Blood Orange Mocktail 

This delectable mocktail will remind of you the famous aperol spritz! It’s refreshingly bitter notes are sure to quench everyone’s thirst at any party or event.

3. Fijnbos and Honey Bush Mocktail

The balance of sweet and bitterness in this mocktail makes it a massive crowd hit. Notes of sweet honey paired with the Fijnbos gin is the perfect combination of flavor.

4. Mimosa Mocktail

This is a true classic. Mostly served at breakfast time, this crisp and tasty mocktail is a fantastic start to any day and for any occasion.

5. Beer Shandy

The beer shandy is known for its yummy combo of sweet, sparkling and slightly bitter flavour. This lemon and beer inspired mocktail is great for those that enjoy their beer with a twist!


Cheers to creative and fun, non-alcoholic drinks this summer festive season!